Advanced DNA Kit




Purchase your Advanced DNA Kit in order to obtain all the information your genes have to tell you. You will access:

  • DNA Connect:NEW! Find relatives from all over the world whom which you share DNA and connect with them.
  • DNA Health Test: your genetic predisposition to complex diseases, if you are a carrier of monogenic hereditary diseases and your pharmacological compatibility* with a multitude of medications.
  • Which personal traits you possess from an even more complete list thanks to your genetics.
  • Wellness: How do you respond to particularities related with wellbeing, as well as your response to physical exercise or diets.
  • Ancestry DNA test for discovering which haplogroups and origins you possess (maternal lineage).

Your DNA kit contains:

  • Instructions for knowing which steps to follow. However, if you have any doubt, our team will help you!
  • A reservoir to deposit your saliva sample.
  • A plastic bag in order to send your DNA kit back to the laboratory free of charge.

Why should you buy the tellmeGen Advanced DNA kit?

  • You will know more than 440 characteristics about you related to your health, wellness and ancestry, allowing you to contact your genetic relatives too.
  • No other DNA test in the market will offer you such a high number of results.
  • Your account will be updated regularly with new results, functionalities, etc. For free and for life!
  • Guidance on results: tellmeGen's team of doctors and geneticists is always available to help and guide you in case you want personalized advice and different interpretations of the results.
  • Additional nutrigenetic and pharmacogenetic consultation service.
  • We guarantee the privacy and security of your data.
  • We offer the highest quality standard, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the results.

*After the assessment carried out by the FDA, the pharmacogenetic section is not available to our users in the USA. Once it is possible to provide this information to our users in the USA about pharmacogenetics, we will contact each of them and they will obtain this information at no additional cost.