Advanced DNA Kit




Purchase your DNA Advanced Kit to get all the information that your genes have to tell you. You will have access to:

  • DNA Connect: Find relatives around the world with whom you share DNA and connect with them.
  • DNA Health Test: Your genetic predisposition to complex diseases, whether you are a carrier of monogenic hereditary diseases, and your pharmacological compatibility to a multitude of drugs.
  • The personal traits you possess among an ever-growing list of traits thanks to your genetics.
  • Wellness: How you respond to wellness-related particularities such as your response to physical exercise or to diets or other substances you are exposed to in your daily life.
  • Ancestry DNA test to discover your origins and haplogroups (maternal lineage and paternal lineage), as well as the percentage of Neanderthal DNA.

Your DNA kit will contain:

  • A set of instructions will be obtained by scanning the QR code, so you will know what steps to follow at all times. But if you have any doubts, our team is here to help you!
  • A reservoir to deposit the saliva.
  • A shipping bag to put the DNA kit in and have it shipped back to the lab for free.

Why buy the tellmeGen Advanced DNA kit?

  • You will know in detail approximately 400 aspects about yourself related to your health, drug compatibility, wellness data, and ancestry, as well as contact your genetic relatives.
  • You will be able to apply changes in your habits to prevent or even avoid the development of certain diseases in the future.
  • You will have the opportunity to reduce or eliminate the possible side effects of drugs, with the help of your health professional. 
  • No other genetic test on the market will offer you a greater number of results.
  • Your account is constantly updated with new results, features, etc. Totally free and for life!
  • Guidance on results: tellmeGen's team of doctors and geneticists is always available to help and guide you in case you want personalized advice and different interpretations of the results.
  • Extra nutrigenetic and pharmacogenetic consulting service.
  • We guarantee the privacy and security of your data.
  • We offer the highest quality standard, guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of the results.