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IMPORTANT: Remember that you need to have a Raw DNA Data file from another company in order to access this product.

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Get over 400 reports on your health, personal traits, response to dietary elements, and sports performance.

Purchase your Raw Data Advanced to obtain the following information included in your Raw DNA Data file:

  • Health-related DNA test: your genetic predisposition to up to 85 complex diseases, whether you are a carrier of up to 100 monogenic inherited diseases, and your drug compatibility in order to know how you metabolize hundreds of drugs.
  • Information about your genetic probability of having more than 50 complex personal traits.
  • Wellness: How you respond to particularities related to wellness such as your muscle performance or to some elements of our diet.
  • Ancestry DNA test to discover your ancestral origins, maternal and paternal lineage, as well as your Neanderthal DNA percentage.
  • DNA Connect: Find relatives around the world with whom you share DNA and connect with them.

Why upload your Raw Data to obtain tellmeGen's Advanced reports?

  • You will learn in detail more than 400 aspects about yourself related to your health, well-being, traits, and ancestors, as well as contact your genetic relatives - we offer the most comprehensive results on the market!
  • Your account is constantly updated with new results, up-to-date studies, etc. for free and forever.
  • We guarantee the privacy and security of your data.
  • We offer the highest quality standard, constantly checking the accuracy and reliability of the results.
  • And all of this, for a price totally adapted to any budget. 

When will I be able to access all this information? 

Your results will be available in your private area in a maximum of 3 days. Usually within 1 day. We will send you an e-mail when they are ready. After payment, validation is done manually and may take up to 2 days.